Laundry Drying

A popular alternative to the high costs associated with running a tumble dryer

Car Garage & Storage

Prevent corrosion of vulnerable metal surfaces and body panels and dry damp rooms substantially quicker than heat to the point where cars can be stored for indefinite periods of time in a garage without moisture related degradation.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities that involve water such as canoeing, mountaineering and caving inevitably mean there will be a lot of wet clothing at the end of each day. It is of great importance that the clothing and equipment used needs to be properly dried out in time for the following day’s activities.

Portable Drying Rooms

On construction sites the welfare of staff is one of the top priorities and this means ensuring there is the facility to dry their clothing and equipment. A dehumidifier from Drying Rooms UK allows a cabin or modular building to be used as a dedicated space for this.

What is a drying room?

A drying room offers two distinctive benefits, with the first being one to dry clothes quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Whether that be a laundry room in your house to save on the cost of an expensive tumble dryer to an outdoor pursuit centre that needs to get wet clothing dried out in time for the following day’s activities.

Secondly, our drying technology can be used for preservation. This can include classic cars stored in a garage, documents in a storage facility or even food and beverage.

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An efficient and cost-effective alternative to drying

Our dehumidifiers provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to drying using heat alone. The potential energy savings are huge as every unit of energy that our dehumidifiers consumes, it will convert 2.5 times this amount to usable heat. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of 75% are not unusual.​

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